The Product Designer

I recently spent five years in Singapore, where I worked as a lead product designer at Grab, on the Homepage team. Before that, I designed software for 3D printers at Stratasys and volunteered as a designer at CreativeMornings/Boston.

In my previous life, I lived in Ukraine with my parents, an engineer dad and an entrepreneur step-mom. They never stopped challenging me to solve the toughest problems head-on, and they’re my inspiration for my work.

I moved to Providence from Ukraine in 2012 for college, graduating with an Industrial and Product Design degree from RISD. During that time, I got to experience working with Cessna and interning at Brightcove. I participated in all the hackathons within a 100-mile radius and even won several, including 24 hours in VR hackathon in NYC.

The Serial Hobbyist

When I’m not designing, I usually explore one of my various hobbies! From watercolor/acrylic/digital painting to ceramics and furniture making. I find the best relaxation when I engage with the art medium, and sometimes it inspires me to create solutions in my design work.

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[My Paintings at Figment spaces]

The Occasional Speaker & Mentor

I do talks at local design communities or participate in panels to share my experience. It helps me structure my knowledge and share it with others.
I have also been mentoring designers on the ADP List since 2022. My topics range from portfolio reviews and interview tips to stakeholder management suggestions.

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The Pet- Obsessed

Quite often, you can find me petting or hugging a pet; because I’m slightly obsessed with animals :’) If you own a pet, we’ll most likely become best friends, and I will self-invite myself to meet them as soon as possible :D

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