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Designing Activity Insights for Grab


Grab is one of Southeast Asia’s super apps that helps users book rides, order food/groceries, send parcels, and more - all in one app.

In this project I worked on a feature that helped users discover Grab’s services in a contextual and highly personalized way.

My role

I was the lead designer of this project. I collaborated with product manager Adrian Ang, content designer Abi Lois, and the Core Experience engineering team.


This feature was first ran as an experiment and the results were overly positive, so it was released, and is used to promote new features effectively.


Users don’t discover our  features like GrabUnlimited subscription, or don’t take full advantage of existing features that let them save money or time.


Some users miss out on certain features that will help them get better value from the product

Grab Unlimited Adoption

GU Adoption, at the time was ~13% only, and had a lot of headroom and opportunity to grow

Rewards Points Utilization

Users don’t utilize the points that they earned, and miss out on value

Let’s be honest, just showing a banner announcing a new feature doesn’t work.

And the data supported this.


HMW help our users discover more value from Grab in a personalized way based on how they use our services?


I have identified the user segments we can potentially attract with such value propositions as saving time or money in a personalized way.

Transacting Users

Regularly use Grab for weekly needs and might be interested in optimizing the value of using Grab

Promo hunters

Enjoy collecting offers to use in future purchases. Regularly search and check for items with a large offer


What's the current most personalized page these users use and trust for their daily activities? The answer is Activity page.


We know that these users use Activity page to view and easily find all their transaction activities with Grab in one place.

They want to be able to resolve any issues easily post-transaction and be able to add value to their transactions if necessary. I.e., writing a review of their experience, tipping the driver, etc.

What is Activity used for today?


Tracking of multiple concurrent bookings
All at one glance on one page


Quick Reordering
Around USD 70-80K worth of reorders made from Activity page daily


Reporting an issue
41% of users contact Grab via Food Activity details

So, how can we make this space even more useful and valuable?

Looking at the opportunities, I brainstormed and came up with a win-win idea of a feature that would meet user needs and company's priorities:

A personalized activity insight that helps users uncover valuable products that are recommended to them based on their behavior on the app.

Introducing Valuable User Insights

Insight is a personalized, valuable and actionable widget that lives on Activity page and allows users to get more value from using the Grab App and discover new products through it.

The challenge was to make this new feature not overused by the products all over the company.

We aligned on the principles and the rigid structure that can still work for the fitting use cases:

Insight Widget Structure

Brainstorming of the use cases


However, to test the feature, we started with only 4 use cases first.


View the savings you're missing out on without Grab Unlimited Subscription

Non Subscriber

Allows users to see how much they could save with the GrabUnlimited if they subscribed. The widget is personalized to the user's most used service.


Allows users to see how much they could save with the GrabUnlimited if they subscribed. The widget is personalized to the user's most used service.

See how much you have already saved with Grab Unlimited Subscriptions


Allows users to see how much they have saved with the GrabUnlimitedso far, encouraging them to keep the subscription.

How the insight changes before and after the user subscribes

Keep track of your points with Rewards Activity Widget

Allows users to see how many points the users have earned in total and recently.
The CTA leads to the rewards catalog, where the points can be used on deals and offers

Rate and review the latest restaurant that you ordered from

Allows the users to quickly rate and review their recent food order

Unbox rewards for your latest transactions

Allows users to view their unopened mystery reward boxes, that are earned for making transactions.

Future Explorations

More specified reviews widget

Encouraging to tip

Carbon offset feature



Illustrations should be simple and in the style of spot illustration, which one main object that is related to the header or the CTA.

Color Scheme:

The color should be selected to match the branding of the feature or to compliment it (for better contrast). Select the colors from Grab Palette and match the font to it.

Experiment Results

Back in H1 2023, we have launched the experiment with Activity Insight Widgets and the results were very positive.

Through the Activity page, we have improved the visibility of programs like the Grab Unlimited subscription plan, reward points, and box redemption so that consumers become more aware of ways to maximize the value of using Grab services.

Impact in numbers

Thank you for reading!

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