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A Serial Hobbyist

Ever since I was a kid I loved trying new creative things, from sculpting with airclay, painting to artistic rhythmic gymnastics.

So when the time came to select a major for my undergraduate degree, I naturally ended up selecting Industrial Design. This major has opened me up to a broad knowledge and skill set related to design.

As I narrowed down my career path to Product (UX/UI) Design, I continue practicing creative hobbies on the side. And even incorporating some of them into my work, for example Digital Illustration.

Digital (Vector) Illustrations

I really love including illustrations in my design products, and I usually work on the illustrations myself to make the designs more delightful for the users. Here are a few examples of my digital illustrations in product design.

Theaters of Singapore

Back in 2021 I digitally painted these old theaters of Singapore based on the photos from the archives. This was a freelance project for Figment’s  “Palladium” house, the paintings were professionally printed, framed and placed inside the rooms of Figment's house.

Watercolor Urban Sketching

Over the last couple of years, I've been joining Weekend Sketchers to do Urban sketching. But I also do sketching/painting when I travel and it helps me remember the experience in a unique way.

Digital Portraits

I picked up ipad digital painting during the covid lockdown and really enjoyed exploring textures and colors through these digital portraits.

The Chair

Back in January of 2023, I spent 6 hours in the Tombalek studio in Singapore crafting each part out of maple wood, upholstering the seat and back with my handpicked fabric and assembling it together to bring it home.

Making this chair was one of my biggest accomplishments of 2023 and happiest memories ^.^

I like to say that it's a special "deserving" feeling to sit on a chair that you make yourself hehe.

Miscellaneous Projects

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