Side Project

Figment Website Design

IntroductionFigment is a boutique coliving company based in Singapore.It offers beautifully furnished suites in boutique homes, inspired by local art, design, and architecture.

My Role
I was the product designer of this project, I also worked with the development team to implement the design.
I worked on this project in 2021.

The Objectives of the Design

Get more signups

The website needs to focus on attracting new customers and encouraging them to sign up for Figment's services, as this is critical for the growth and success of the business.

Tell the brand story

Figment places great emphasis on its brand, making the homepage an important starting point for users to become familiar with it. As such, it must communicate a clear and compelling story.

Modular design for A/B testing

The client mentioned that they will be conducting frequent A/B tests on the website. Therefore, the design must be modular and allow for easy modification of content, section order, and layout.


Once the objectives of the website was decided on, I worked with the CEO on the structure of the website and the content we want to communicate

High Fidelity Design

This was the Final High Fidelity Design of the website.

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