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GrabFest Festival

What is GrabFest?

GrabFest was an internal festival organized by a team of volunteers hosted at Grab's new office in Singapore back in 2022.
The event was attended by over 2000 Grab employees, "Grabbers" and their family members.

My Role

I volunteered to help organize this festival and was the design lead for all visuals and working with vendors for swag printing. This was my first experience with such a large event, but it was so valuable and exciting!

Branding Set

Once the team and I decided on a tropical theme that is very family-friendly and suitable for Singapore, I went ahead. I prepared a branding set with logos and illustrations so that all of our assets and deliverables are consistent.


The team first needed to estimate how many people would attend the event so that we could order enough food and swag items and book a sufficient amount of space in the office.
Therefore, I designed these posters and placed them around the office for people to sign up early.

Goodie Bag

We wanted the attendees to have something to keep reminding them of the event afterward. I came up with the idea of a goodie bag with high-quality goodies!

I negotiated to order fewer items b of better quality to fit the budget.

The event guests loved the goodies; the kids especially loved the puzzle! :)

The Booklet

The booklet was given to all guests to navigate the event. We had to illustrate the map of the different spaces and the schedule.

The event was a blast!

The event was one of the best and proudest moment of my time at Grab, and 100% worth all the sweat and sleepless nights working on this on top of our daily jobs with the organizing team of volunteers 💚

Thank you to the team and to the Grab leadership for support!

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